I guess babies love these things. We’ll have to see what Wiggles thinks. I was inspired by Just Another Hang Up’s Tag Blanket.

My dude is a textile infant adventure with velvet wings, felt and flannel feathers, cotton body and minky furry stuff on the back.

I washed it and the flannel and velvet frayed a bit but it’s still cute. Can’t wait to get baby slobbers on it!!!



In an awesome CCIC tradition, it’s the 2nd Annual CCIC Peeps Show. Inspired by the sugary creations of the Washington Post Magazine’s annual Peeps Show, the girls at CCIC asked me to participate in the annual art of peep-ic proportions. This year, I was inspired by Bonnie Burton’s new Star Wars Craft Book to apply my Star Wars mania to the forces of art.

Thus I give you “A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far, Far Away…” inspired by the scenes in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi when C3PO is telling a story to the ewoks in their forest city.
Story Time on Endor at Night
Here it is in the daytime. I used a plant tray as the base and filled it with potting mix for the ground. The bunny peeps represent the human characters (or human-like). The chick peeps are the ewoks. R2D2 is a reconstructed chick peep and some Sharpie pen. Since I moved to North Carolina this year, the woodland accessories of moss, sticks and rocks were very easy to come by!Story Time on Endor (4)
Overhead shot

I handcrafted the C3PO log chair with nothing but sticks, string and love.
Story Time on Endor at Night (5)

Ewoks are outfitted with paper bag cowls and felt-tipped spears.
Story Time on Endor at Night (8)
Ewoks (4)Ewoks (2)

More Story Time on Endor (2)

Han Solo and Princess Leia are canoodling in the corner, “Is that at blaster in your holster or are you just happy to see me?” Complete with felt vests, dresses and paper bag braided hair.
Han and Leia
Story Time on Endor at Night (3)
Luke is being moody in his black outfit, with R2-D2 hooting in concern.
Story Time on Endor at Night (4)

As inspired by our friend, Jad Bean, we’re renaming this little blue droid R2-Peep2. R2D2
Can’t get enough? Check out way too many pictures of my sugary masterpiece.

Tasty, Tasty Dips

Since we moved to North Carolina, we are addicted to Southern Living magazine as a monthly guide on how to be fabulous and genteel. For our Super Bowl Ad Watching Party (which is literally more about the ads than the football) we hosted an ooey, gooey dip party inspired by the January 2011 Southern Living article “7 Super Dips.” Ohhh, our dips and our guest’s dips were soooooooooo tasty!

As with all food that happen in the Crawford house, many of recipes have to be modified to meet my lactose intolerant needs. For each recipe, I’ve highlighted how we made it lac-free!

First was the Baked Tex-Mex Pimento Dip with bread squares. To make this lactose-free we used goat cheddar cheese. This dip was SO good. I loved the warm, gooey goodness! Due to my food allergy I don’t get cheesy items that often since we have to make them all at home, so this was such a treat.

Next was a cold dip, Loaded Baked Potato with warm waffle fries. To make it lac-free I subbed tofu sour cream and goat cheddar cheese. We added extra hot sauce, because since we’ve moved to the South I’m addicted to hot sauce. Also a tasty dip, was a little blandish with the tofu sour cream, could have used more salt. It was also a little stiff and a challenge to dip into with the subbed ingredients so nuking it in the microwave for a minute makes it so omn mon nom g0od!

Beyond the SL inspired dips, Brian made his always tasty pico de gallo and a new concoction of a chipotle salsa verde. The pico needed a pick-me-up that we couldn’t identify. Brian’s salsa verde is always top-notch and the addition of chipotle peppers was oh so good.

I guess we made some healthy stuff, too. For dessert we whipped up a honeyed goat yogurt dip for fruit and a homemade sweet biscuit.Here is a peek at the full spread, our friends made a Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip, Guacamole, Pigs in a Blanket, hot wings and brownies. Yes, sir, we had a delicious selection of dippy goodness!

Here is guest Becca with her bounty. All the dips got rave reviews from the guests. Such a great way to spend a Sunday!

This is my second year in the Bordo Bello skateboard design show. Last year it was the 8-bit Star Wars Invaders board. Of course I was feeling the force again this year, so here we go.

Unlike last year, I’m gonna show you my abandoned design concepts for fun. Plus I only have two abandoned designs this year, not ten like last year.

We made the move to Raleigh in June, so this year I didn’t have the time to physically work with the board, so I chose the Boardpusher route. The nice thing is it freed me up to just think about the graphics. Time for pictures!

Now for the abandoned concepts. Maybe next time.

Boba Fett as Virgin Mary

Realized early on that I didn’t have the time & skills to pull this one off.

Boba Fett crossing the Alps

A Star Wars take on the classic Napoleon portrait. I think the horse needs to be replace with a Tauntaun to fully pull this one off, which is beyond my skills.

Well, there you have it. I’ll send pics of the actual board when I have them. If you’re around Denver, head to the Bordo Bello show on Sept 30th @ 6 p.m.

What would happen if monsters went back to school? They would get school portraits.

Here are my friendly fiends.

They are acrylic paint and chalk on blackboard tablets I found for $1 each at the wonderful Scrap Exchange in Durham, NC.

Of course each of these monsters have a story…

Gwenn – She’s a little misunderstood because she sees the world from a different point of view, but she’s a party girl with colorful dots that go with any outfit.

Simon – Loveable, big and red, but be careful he has claws and a mouth full of teeth

Stella – She molds her way into everyone’s heart, but she is kind of all over the place.

Rowan – Giant building eating monster. More of a butterball than a bully.

Makin’ More Crap

This summer has been a very exciting season for the Crawfords. We’ve pulled up our craft makin’ roots and moved to North Carolina. Now that we’ve settled in a bit, we’ll have lots of new craft adventures to share.

In the meanwhile, check out our newest blog Wander South where we’ll share all our wanderings through photos and handy dandy articles about cool places to check-out. Writing and photography is crafting after all!

We welcomed a new truck into the family this month. His name is Bruce after the shark in Jaws. He is blue. He is an suburban shark.

I made this little felt Baby Bruce for the rear-view mirror. Be careful. He bites.

Big Bruce