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What would happen if monsters went back to school? They would get school portraits.

Here are my friendly fiends.

They are acrylic paint and chalk on blackboard tablets I found for $1 each at the wonderful Scrap Exchange in Durham, NC.

Of course each of these monsters have a story…

Gwenn – She’s a little misunderstood because she sees the world from a different point of view, but she’s a party girl with colorful dots that go with any outfit.

Simon – Loveable, big and red, but be careful he has claws and a mouth full of teeth

Stella – She molds her way into everyone’s heart, but she is kind of all over the place.

Rowan – Giant building eating monster. More of a butterball than a bully.


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This is a great coffee table I got for free from my friend and boss Lydia. She used it indoors, but I gave it a new life as an outdoor table. The project was done in a weekend!

Table Before

Table post sanding

Table midway

Table Midway Through It's Makeover

All Done!

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