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In an awesome CCIC tradition, it’s the 2nd Annual CCIC Peeps Show. Inspired by the sugary creations of the Washington Post Magazine’s annual Peeps Show, the girls at CCIC asked me to participate in the annual art of peep-ic proportions. This year, I was inspired by Bonnie Burton’s new Star Wars Craft Book to apply my Star Wars mania to the forces of art.

Thus I give you “A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far, Far Away…” inspired by the scenes in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi when C3PO is telling a story to the ewoks in their forest city.
Story Time on Endor at Night
Here it is in the daytime. I used a plant tray as the base and filled it with potting mix for the ground. The bunny peeps represent the human characters (or human-like). The chick peeps are the ewoks. R2D2 is a reconstructed chick peep and some Sharpie pen. Since I moved to North Carolina this year, the woodland accessories of moss, sticks and rocks were very easy to come by!Story Time on Endor (4)
Overhead shot

I handcrafted the C3PO log chair with nothing but sticks, string and love.
Story Time on Endor at Night (5)

Ewoks are outfitted with paper bag cowls and felt-tipped spears.
Story Time on Endor at Night (8)
Ewoks (4)Ewoks (2)

More Story Time on Endor (2)

Han Solo and Princess Leia are canoodling in the corner, “Is that at blaster in your holster or are you just happy to see me?” Complete with felt vests, dresses and paper bag braided hair.
Han and Leia
Story Time on Endor at Night (3)
Luke is being moody in his black outfit, with R2-D2 hooting in concern.
Story Time on Endor at Night (4)

As inspired by our friend, Jad Bean, we’re renaming this little blue droid R2-Peep2. R2D2
Can’t get enough? Check out way too many pictures of my sugary masterpiece.


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