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I guess babies love these things. We’ll have to see what Wiggles thinks. I was inspired by Just Another Hang Up’s Tag Blanket.

My dude is a textile infant adventure with velvet wings, felt and flannel feathers, cotton body and minky furry stuff on the back.

I washed it and the flannel and velvet frayed a bit but it’s still cute. Can’t wait to get baby slobbers on it!!!



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We welcomed a new truck into the family this month. His name is Bruce after the shark in Jaws. He is blue. He is an suburban shark.

I made this little felt Baby Bruce for the rear-view mirror. Be careful. He bites.

Big Bruce

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New craft obsession = coffee cozies. I love to make these cute little felt coffee sleeves with hand stitched details. They feel nice to have around my Starbucks! If I put them up for sale on my Etsy shop, would you buy one?

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9 = Creepy

This is my first attempt at a soft sculpture – he is supposted to be 9 from the movie 9. He has a wire skeleton, sculpty movable hands, sculpty feet, felt skin, filled with fluff, authentic zipper, styrofoam head, textured with spray paint through burlap, his eye scopes are a part of a pen, he has little googly eyes and he’s all stitched up with tread.

Honestly, I thought the movie was really horrible, but I really liked the idea of trying to make a little creature.  And now he pretty much creeps me out.

I wish I could have made his head and mouth better – ah c’est la vie!

My favorite part is the freehand stitched 9 on his back and the spray paint texture technique.

So, what do you think? Is he creepy or cute?

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Wooley Cardinals

I got this really fabulous felting kit from Fancy Tiger – a great knitting, fabric and wool store in Denver. It had material to make two cardinal ornaments. I used the remainder of the materials to make a bumble bee, funky bird and ladybug. They came out pretty cute for my first try at needle felting!

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