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This is my second year in the Bordo Bello skateboard design show. Last year it was the 8-bit Star Wars Invaders board. Of course I was feeling the force again this year, so here we go.

Unlike last year, I’m gonna show you my abandoned design concepts for fun. Plus I only have two abandoned designs this year, not ten like last year.

We made the move to Raleigh in June, so this year I didn’t have the time to physically work with the board, so I chose the Boardpusher route. The nice thing is it freed me up to just think about the graphics. Time for pictures!

Now for the abandoned concepts. Maybe next time.

Boba Fett as Virgin Mary

Realized early on that I didn’t have the time & skills to pull this one off.

Boba Fett crossing the Alps

A Star Wars take on the classic Napoleon portrait. I think the horse needs to be replace with a Tauntaun to fully pull this one off, which is beyond my skills.

Well, there you have it. I’ll send pics of the actual board when I have them. If you’re around Denver, head to the Bordo Bello show on Sept 30th @ 6 p.m.


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