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My boss had a brilliant idea of bringing some levity to our team by having our own Peep Show! The Washington Post is in its fourth year of hosting a contest of sugary fantasy called “Peep Show.” The Peep dioramas are a feat of creativity, silliness and abstract art. I’ll post some photos from my co-workers and here is our piece.

For the Crawford household nothing says Easter like zombies. This is Brian and my CCIC Peep Show entry entitled “Night of the Living Peep” and is, of course, inspired by the classic Night of the Living Dead.

Note our heroine Barbara being chased by some zombie peeps, with one just on her heels.

See the gore of her ill-fated brother becoming dinner.

Here is a wandering zombie by Brian that is munching on a bunny ear.

Even one peep is trying to escape from his grave.

We made funny tombstones hand-painted by Brian with fine mossy accents.

We made this diorama with cardboard for the base and tombstones. I used balled-up plastic bags to make the hill. Covered it all with burlap. I used Easter grass to make, well, the grass. We used human bite marks and lots of paint for the zombies. I used fabric for our protagonist’s outfits. It’s all adhered with our old friend hot glue and scotch tape.

Just remember this scene the next time you enjoy a fluffy, fresh peep. Beware!


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Wooley Cardinals

I got this really fabulous felting kit from Fancy Tiger – a great knitting, fabric and wool store in Denver. It had material to make two cardinal ornaments. I used the remainder of the materials to make a bumble bee, funky bird and ladybug. They came out pretty cute for my first try at needle felting!

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Holiday Sweetness

Mmmmmm cookies we made – did not taste like crap at all 🙂

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Brian screen printed these fabulous holiday cards for our friends and family.

“Happy Holidays from Hoth” all by Brian Crawford

“How Herman Stole Christmas” – Our dog Herman sketched by Dawn and screen-printed by Brian

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