In honor of the next space shuttle launch, Atlantis on its STS-132 mission to the International Space Station,  and the Space Tweep Society 1st Anniversary Twelebration, Brian and I made Meco – the Space Tweeps Society’s birdonaut mascot.  According to the Spaced Tweep Society’s founder @flyingjenny he was named after the acronym MECO, which stands for Main Engine Cut Off, a critical point in rocket ascent. We’ll be entering them both into a contest to win some sweet prizes.

UPDATE: We won!!! Brian won Most Unique and I won Most Creative. We got sweet prizes from Think Geek including a Hi-Def Art Pad, Space Origami and a external battery pack. We also won the “Geekest Shirt Contest” with Brian’s Captain Kirk shirt – another Crawford craft project!

Here he is!

We loved making these little guys. They are made out of fimo-type baking clay, imagination and a whole lotta geek power.

I made a Luke Skywalker Meco vs. a Darth Vader Meco. Their light-sabers have glitter in the clay!

R2-D2 even showed up to the photo-shoot.

Brian made a Meco as he is falling into a black hole. Meco is experiencing the theory so well described by Neil DeGrasse Tyson as spaghettification as you pass through a black hole. Yes, that is real spaghetti.


Egg-tastic creations for Easter

Dino egg by Brian

Fun with electrical tape - inspired by Martha - by Dawn

Complimentary and monochome beaut by Brian

Dino egg 2 by Dawn

Cute Bee by B

Bronto and her clutch of eggs

Once again Herman is a fabulous model for another 5-second craft. Just take a found object sticker from a computer keyboard, find a tiny binder clip, attach to your dogs head. He can be whatever you want him to be.

Lady Gaga Back-up Dancer

Space Lord from the Final Frontier

Regal King

Now where is this super model's half-foam fat-free sugar-free latte?

My boss had a brilliant idea of bringing some levity to our team by having our own Peep Show! The Washington Post is in its fourth year of hosting a contest of sugary fantasy called “Peep Show.” The Peep dioramas are a feat of creativity, silliness and abstract art. I’ll post some photos from my co-workers and here is our piece.

For the Crawford household nothing says Easter like zombies. This is Brian and my CCIC Peep Show entry entitled “Night of the Living Peep” and is, of course, inspired by the classic Night of the Living Dead.

Note our heroine Barbara being chased by some zombie peeps, with one just on her heels.

See the gore of her ill-fated brother becoming dinner.

Here is a wandering zombie by Brian that is munching on a bunny ear.

Even one peep is trying to escape from his grave.

We made funny tombstones hand-painted by Brian with fine mossy accents.

We made this diorama with cardboard for the base and tombstones. I used balled-up plastic bags to make the hill. Covered it all with burlap. I used Easter grass to make, well, the grass. We used human bite marks and lots of paint for the zombies. I used fabric for our protagonist’s outfits. It’s all adhered with our old friend hot glue and scotch tape.

Just remember this scene the next time you enjoy a fluffy, fresh peep. Beware!

I’m way freakin late posting the latest crap from BC/DC, but here it is. The latest bits of nerdery come in the forms of a Valentine’s Day gift and card. 


Dinos love too, even those velociraptors mofos from Jurassic Park 3. 



P.S. Dawn loved to point out that the Wooly Mammoth didn’t hang out with the dinos. I say that may be so, but the curve in the trunk makes a nice V for the heart. So…there. 

P.P.S. Little known fact, but velociraptors really don’t like vampires.

And now for the gift. I’ve been promising her for a while and here’s the Stay on Target shirt in all its six-color screen print glory. 

New craft obsession = coffee cozies. I love to make these cute little felt coffee sleeves with hand stitched details. They feel nice to have around my Starbucks! If I put them up for sale on my Etsy shop, would you buy one?

9 = Creepy

This is my first attempt at a soft sculpture – he is supposted to be 9 from the movie 9. He has a wire skeleton, sculpty movable hands, sculpty feet, felt skin, filled with fluff, authentic zipper, styrofoam head, textured with spray paint through burlap, his eye scopes are a part of a pen, he has little googly eyes and he’s all stitched up with tread.

Honestly, I thought the movie was really horrible, but I really liked the idea of trying to make a little creature.  And now he pretty much creeps me out.

I wish I could have made his head and mouth better – ah c’est la vie!

My favorite part is the freehand stitched 9 on his back and the spray paint texture technique.

So, what do you think? Is he creepy or cute?