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Tasty, Tasty Dips

Since we moved to North Carolina, we are addicted to Southern Living magazine as a monthly guide on how to be fabulous and genteel. For our Super Bowl Ad Watching Party (which is literally more about the ads than the football) we hosted an ooey, gooey dip party inspired by the January 2011 Southern Living article “7 Super Dips.” Ohhh, our dips and our guest’s dips were soooooooooo tasty!

As with all food that happen in the Crawford house, many of recipes have to be modified to meet my lactose intolerant needs. For each recipe, I’ve highlighted how we made it lac-free!

First was the Baked Tex-Mex Pimento Dip with bread squares. To make this lactose-free we used goat cheddar cheese. This dip was SO good. I loved the warm, gooey goodness! Due to my food allergy I don’t get cheesy items that often since we have to make them all at home, so this was such a treat.

Next was a cold dip, Loaded Baked Potato with warm waffle fries. To make it lac-free I subbed tofu sour cream and goat cheddar cheese. We added extra hot sauce, because since we’ve moved to the South I’m addicted to hot sauce. Also a tasty dip, was a little blandish with the tofu sour cream, could have used more salt. It was also a little stiff and a challenge to dip into with the subbed ingredients so nuking it in the microwave for a minute makes it so omn mon nom g0od!

Beyond the SL inspired dips, Brian made his always tasty pico de gallo and a new concoction of a chipotle salsa verde. The pico needed a pick-me-up that we couldn’t identify. Brian’s salsa verde is always top-notch and the addition of chipotle peppers was oh so good.

I guess we made some healthy stuff, too. For dessert we whipped up a honeyed goat yogurt dip for fruit and a homemade sweet biscuit.Here is a peek at the full spread, our friends made a Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip, Guacamole, Pigs in a Blanket, hot wings and brownies. Yes, sir, we had a delicious selection of dippy goodness!

Here is guest Becca with her bounty. All the dips got rave reviews from the guests. Such a great way to spend a Sunday!


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