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Egg-tastic creations for Easter

Dino egg by Brian

Fun with electrical tape - inspired by Martha - by Dawn

Complimentary and monochome beaut by Brian

Dino egg 2 by Dawn

Cute Bee by B

Bronto and her clutch of eggs


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I’m way freakin late posting the latest crap from BC/DC, but here it is. The latest bits of nerdery come in the forms of a Valentine’s Day gift and card. 


Dinos love too, even those velociraptors mofos from Jurassic Park 3. 



P.S. Dawn loved to point out that the Wooly Mammoth didn’t hang out with the dinos. I say that may be so, but the curve in the trunk makes a nice V for the heart. So…there. 

P.P.S. Little known fact, but velociraptors really don’t like vampires.

And now for the gift. I’ve been promising her for a while and here’s the Stay on Target shirt in all its six-color screen print glory. 

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