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This is my second year in the Bordo Bello skateboard design show. Last year it was the 8-bit Star Wars Invaders board. Of course I was feeling the force again this year, so here we go.

Unlike last year, I’m gonna show you my abandoned design concepts for fun. Plus I only have two abandoned designs this year, not ten like last year.

We made the move to Raleigh in June, so this year I didn’t have the time to physically work with the board, so I chose the Boardpusher route. The nice thing is it freed me up to just think about the graphics. Time for pictures!

Now for the abandoned concepts. Maybe next time.

Boba Fett as Virgin Mary

Realized early on that I didn’t have the time & skills to pull this one off.

Boba Fett crossing the Alps

A Star Wars take on the classic Napoleon portrait. I think the horse needs to be replace with a Tauntaun to fully pull this one off, which is beyond my skills.

Well, there you have it. I’ll send pics of the actual board when I have them. If you’re around Denver, head to the Bordo Bello show on Sept 30th @ 6 p.m.


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In honor of the next space shuttle launch, Atlantis on its STS-132 mission to the International Space Station,  and the Space Tweep Society 1st Anniversary Twelebration, Brian and I made Meco – the Space Tweeps Society’s birdonaut mascot.  According to the Spaced Tweep Society’s founder @flyingjenny he was named after the acronym MECO, which stands for Main Engine Cut Off, a critical point in rocket ascent. We’ll be entering them both into a contest to win some sweet prizes.

UPDATE: We won!!! Brian won Most Unique and I won Most Creative. We got sweet prizes from Think Geek including a Hi-Def Art Pad, Space Origami and a external battery pack. We also won the “Geekest Shirt Contest” with Brian’s Captain Kirk shirt – another Crawford craft project!

Here he is!

We loved making these little guys. They are made out of fimo-type baking clay, imagination and a whole lotta geek power.

I made a Luke Skywalker Meco vs. a Darth Vader Meco. Their light-sabers have glitter in the clay!

R2-D2 even showed up to the photo-shoot.

Brian made a Meco as he is falling into a black hole. Meco is experiencing the theory so well described by Neil DeGrasse Tyson as spaghettification as you pass through a black hole. Yes, that is real spaghetti.

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I’m way freakin late posting the latest crap from BC/DC, but here it is. The latest bits of nerdery come in the forms of a Valentine’s Day gift and card. 


Dinos love too, even those velociraptors mofos from Jurassic Park 3. 



P.S. Dawn loved to point out that the Wooly Mammoth didn’t hang out with the dinos. I say that may be so, but the curve in the trunk makes a nice V for the heart. So…there. 

P.P.S. Little known fact, but velociraptors really don’t like vampires.

And now for the gift. I’ve been promising her for a while and here’s the Stay on Target shirt in all its six-color screen print glory. 

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Brian screen printed these fabulous holiday cards for our friends and family.

“Happy Holidays from Hoth” all by Brian Crawford

“How Herman Stole Christmas” – Our dog Herman sketched by Dawn and screen-printed by Brian

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Obi Wan

Thanks to Geek Feed (www.twatgeek.com)

5-second craft. Herman in a hood (aka cut off t-shirt sleeve) and ta-da Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The Force will be with you, always.


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What’s a back-water starship captain supposed to do when pesky 8-bit TIE fighters roll into town? Saddle up the Millennium Falcon and ride, of course. 

And an epic video from Dawn…

About the Event

The wonderful folks with Bordo Bello are putting on a charity fundraiser to support the arts in Denver again this year. The canvas, if you haven’t guessed is a skateboard deck. If you’re in Denver on Friday, 12/11 come down and check out 200+ sweet boards created by some amazing artists.

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That's No Moon

Yes, the force is strong with with one. Get in touch with your dark side with this felt case to keep your Blackberry safe from stray blasters.  The Death Star graces one side with Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter holding down the back.

“I sense something, a presence I’ve not felt since…”

Darth Vader Tie FighterDeath Star graces the fron.

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